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Tiny Ramous Wood 8-10” - Driftwood Branches

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Hydra Aquatics Tiny Ramous Wood 8-10” - Driftwood Branches

Hydra Aquatics’ driftwood branches are perfect for making a forest like aquascape.  The dense cluster of tiny branches stemming from the main trunk allow for a mesmerizing effect when attaching moss to the tips to act as leaves.  Large pieces can easily be cut and shaped to smaller or less dense branches while still looking natural.

- Rinse prior to use.
- Driftwood will float until it becomes waterlogged. If you don’t want to weight the wood down with rocks, it is recommended to pre-soak the wood until it sinks prior to using it in your aquarium.

Sizes available
Small: 8-10”
Medium: 10-14”
Large: 14-18”