Nature Aquatics, Inc dba Nature Aquariums wants to make the aquarium hobby as enjoyable and stress-free for our customers as possible.

  • Respect for living animals.
  • Ensure that customers learn how to provide their animals with the best care.
  • Empower employees.
  • Train, develop and mentor future employees so that they can enrich their lives and prosper.
  • Provide an exceptional customer experience.
  • Create loyalty to our brand and passion for the hobby through innovative solutions, quality products and customer service.

A little bit about the owners...

Miryam has been an aquarium enthusiast since she was a young child and has an affinity for marine life. Over the years she has studied and kept countless different fish and aquatic animals. She is a self taught fish husbandry expert. Over the years Miryam has shared her passion for the aquarium hobby with both her husband Henry and their son.

In the early 2010’s, Henry and Miryam became active member of the freshwater planted tank community. Henry began learning from Dr. Tom Barr one of the leading experts in aquatic plants propagation and the creator of Estimative Index of aquatic fertilization. Both Henry and Miryam became actively involved with the local Aquarium Society and the online forums. Miryam and Henry combined their expertise to open the original "The Planted Aquarium Store" while still working fulltime jobs outside the aquarium industry. For a short while the original store was only open on weekends at first. Sadly, in 2015 the store had to be shut down hastily due to a serious family emergency.

Today, Henry & Miryam's passion for the hobby and determination to provide a world class experience for their customers is stronger than ever, and we are ready to embrace South Florida’s communities once again.



We quarantine our fish!

All of our tanks are individually filtered!

We also medicate our livestock as needed.

We will NOT knowingly sell a sick animal.

All of our livestock gets fed daily, some several times a day!

And... we LOVE Discus! We know a lot about them, just ask us!