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Why Choose Nature Aquariums for Your Coral Needs?

  1. Exceptional Variety of Corals At Nature Aquariums, we offer a diverse selection of corals, from the colorful Zoanthids to the majestic Acropora. Our collection is carefully curated to include species that cater to every level of reef keeping experience.

  2. Expert Care and Quarantine Each coral undergoes a stringent quarantine process to ensure health and vitality. Our expert team provides specialized care, ensuring that each coral is well-acclimated and thriving.

  3. Sustainable Sourcing We are committed to sustainability and ethical practices, sourcing our corals from responsible suppliers who adhere to strict environmental standards. This ensures the long-term health of our oceans and reef ecosystems.

  4. Education and Support Our knowledgeable staff are passionate about reef keeping and are here to offer expert advice and support. Whether you are setting up a new reef tank or looking for advanced care tips, we provide the guidance you need.

  5. Comprehensive Reef Keeping Supplies In addition to corals, we provide a full range of reef keeping supplies, from high-quality salt mixes to advanced lighting systems. Everything you need for a thriving reef aquarium is available right here at Nature Aquariums.

  6. Community and Events Join our community of reef enthusiasts at in-store events, workshops, and online forums. These gatherings are a great opportunity to learn more about coral care and connect with other hobbyists.

Visit Us or Explore Online Today! Discover our wide selection of corals and reef supplies at our store in Lauderhill or browse our offerings online at www.natureaquariums.com. Whether in-person or online, find everything you need to create and maintain a vibrant reef aquarium.

Categories of Corals at Nature Aquariums:

  • Zoanthids

    • Including varieties like Captain Jerk Zoa and CatEye Zoa, known for their bright colors and ease of care.
  • Torch Corals

    • Such as the Indo Torch Ultra, prized for their distinct, flowing tentacles and dramatic night-time fluorescence.
  • Bubble Corals

    • Including branching and smooth varieties, these corals are striking with bulbous vesicles that inflate and deflate throughout the day.
  • Favites

    • Known for their brain-like appearance, these hardy corals are excellent for both beginners and advanced reef enthusiasts.
  • Mushroom Corals

    • Soft corals that are easy to maintain and available in a variety of colors and patterns, perfect for adding diversity to any reef tank.
  • Acropora

    • Demanding but rewarding, these corals form beautiful, intricate structures and are a favorite among advanced hobbyists.
  • Montipora

    • Available in both plating and branching forms, these corals offer a range of colors and are moderately easy to keep.
  • Chalice Corals

    • Known for their vivid colors and patterns, chalice corals can be a centerpiece in any reef aquarium.
  • Leather Corals

    • Hardy and fast-growing, leather corals are perfect for aquarists looking to add texture and movement to their setups.
  • Brain Corals

    • Fascinating with their maze-like appearances, these corals are excellent for adding structural complexity to a reef.