Savanna Bonsai


Savanna Bonsai

Please Note: Bonsai Trees are fragile. Unfortunately, branches and parts will break off during transport. Gluing will be required once you receive the item. We recommending using super glue, aquarium epoxy or aquarium-safe hot-glue. Refunds/returns/exchanges are NOT accepted.

Tideline Bonsai Trees are gorgeous! Each bonsai is hand-made by an artisan with natural materials so each bonsai is different from the next. 

Pre-soaking is recommend as the wood will float for 1-3 weeks. You can also attached the bonsai to a flat rock to prevent the bonsai from floating. Once the bonsai is water logged, you can detatched it from the rock. 

Savanna Bonsai Approximate Sizes*:
- Small - 10" x 8"
- Medium - 12" x 10"
- Large - 14" x 10"
- XL - 16" x 12"

*please note, each piece is hand-made so sizes are approximate. Size is determined by the overall size of the bonsai relative to others not by actual demensions.