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Ruby Reef Fish Aid 32oz combo

by DFW
Type: MEDS
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Literally, First Aid in a Box. The simultaneous use of RALLY™PRO with KICK-ICH™ PRO used together to treat Ich, bacterial infections resulting from tissue damage and possible misdiagnosis such as marine velvet.

Other benefits include:

• FishAid Kit™ combo treatment is a must have for every hobbyist to have the greatest chance of recovery, treatment should begin at the first sign of symptoms. Kick-Ich PRO and Rally PRO work well together to eliminate problems of misdiagnosis with FRESHWATER or SALTWATER fish. Used together they achieve the best results and can deal with several problems at one time in addition to preventing secondary bacterial infections.

• Ich can be triggered by stress or other infections. Additionally, the treatment of secondary infections from Ich parasites boring into the flesh of the fish must be addressed. Diagnosing the infection can also be difficult. There are a number of organisms that can be mistaken for Ich. Also multiple issues can be present (i.e., Ich and velvet or Ich and Brooklynella). The solution is the simultaneous use of RALLY™ PRO and KICK-ICH™ PRO. Together they solve the problem of misdiagnosis and/or treat multiple issues at the same time.

• Kick-Ich and Rally are REEF SAFE, will NOT affect biofiltration and can be used directly in the tank to treat fish. They DO NOT contain copper and are safe for all fish (including scaleless), corals and invertebrates, will not affect biofiltration and is reef safe.

- 8oz treats 26-52 gallons, 16oz treats 50-100 gallons, 32oz treats 100-200 gallons, 64oz treats 200-400 gallons