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REEF Starter Pack - Aquaforest


The Aquaforest Starter Pack contains everything you need to set up a new reef aquarium. Designed to be an easy introduction to the comprehensive Aquaforest system, the kit includes salt mix, filter media, biofiltration, test kits, and additives that will help get your tank up and running quickly and without hassle-free. 

The salt mix included in the set is suitable for salting up to 66 gallons of aquarium water. When starting a larger aquarium, you simply need to purchase some additional salt mix to accommodate the amount of saltwater you're going to need. All other included products will work on aquariums of any size.



Reef Salt

A synthetic marine salt designed specifically for aquacultured corals. The formula contains micro and macro nutrients necessary for proper coral growth and pigmentation, along with amino acids and Vitamin C for immune support.


Life Bio Fil 

A loose media that has a live bacteria ingredient, meaning that will immediately start to work and there is no waiting for the proliferation of bacteria. The bacteria chosen was designed to help speed up the process of nitrification allowing your tank to mature faster.


Bio S 

A liquid nitrifying bacterial supplement that contains carefully selected strains that will accelerate the removal of toxic organics and ammonia. It is mostly used for the first couple weeks helping stimulate the start of the nitrogen cycle, helping create a balance of bacteria population. Bio S can also be used for curing dry live rock decreasing the overall curing time while populating the rock with beneficial bacteria.


Phosphate Minus

High-quality phosphate and silica removal media that can be used in a fluidized reactor for fresh and saltwater tanks. Aquaforest Phosphate minus is essentially GFO that has been rinsed to remove any fines and debris. Phosphate Minus will remove phosphates and silica from the aquarium, leading to overall better water quality and a reduced fuel-source for algae growth. 


Fish V

A multivitamin designed for all ornamental fish, both marine and freshwater. Fish V contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D3, E, K3 and biotin, alanine, choline, cysteine, glutamine, leucine, lysine, serine and tyrosine.



High-quality large particle carbon that will remove odors, water discoloration, undesired chemicals and organics allowing for better overall water quality and control. The larger particle helps to prevent blockages and clogs while having a highly porous internal network creating vast amounts of surface area for filtration capabilities.


TestPro Nitrate

Nitrate levels in reef aquariums should be 2-5 mg/l (ppm). This test kit contains enough reagents to perform 40 tests of nitrate concentration.


TestPro Alkalinity

Test Kit contains enough reagents to perform between. 78-100 separate alkalinity tests within 6.5-8.5 dKH range.


Component ABC

The Component A, B, C system works in harmony with other Aquaforest additives and the probiotic method. Skimmer and filtration media tend to remove trace elements from the water of closed aquarium system, making micro nutrients supplementation necessary. Component A is a balanced mixture of strontium and barium that will help accelerate the growth of corals and filter feeders. It is recommended to dose Components A along with Component B and C in equal proportions. 


KH Plus

Concentrated liquid alkalinity solution to help increase your tanks dKH level without increasing any other elements concentration.




What's Included?

1x Reef Salt 8kg/17.6lb Bag

1x Life Bio Fil 1200ml/40.57 fl. oz. 

1x Bio S 50ml/1.7 fl. oz.

1x Phosphate Minus 1000ml/35.19 fl. oz.

1x Fish V 50ml/1.7 fl. oz.

1x Carbon 1000ml/35.19 fl. oz.

1x TestPro Nitrate (1 set; up to 40 tests)

1x TestPro Alkalinity (1 set; up to 100 tests)

1x Component A 200ml Bottle

1x Component B 200ml Bottle

1x Component C 200ml Bottle

1x KH Plus 200ml/6.76 fl. oz.