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PolyGuard Treatment 0.4 oz

by Seachem
Type: MEDS
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As a blend of multiple antibiotics and anti-parasitic medications, Polyguard is one of Seachem’s strongest freshwater medications available. Polyguard is effective against common bacterial, fungal, and parasitic diseases that may affect freshwater tropical fish.


While we are often tempted to reach for the most powerful medication available, most often it is best for the fish if we attempt a proper diagnosis and treat with a gentler medication if possible, especially if the infection is not severe. As one of the strongest medications available, Polyguard is best reserved for times when diagnosis may be uncertain or when your fish may have multiple infections and a stronger treatment is necessary.


  • Broad spectrum medication blend
  • Treats bacterial, fungal and parasitic diseases
  • Good choice when unsure of the disease
  • Freshwater only

Disease treatment in a quarantine tank is always the preferred option.