Penn-Plax Air Bubble Wall Blue

Type: AIR

Penn-Plax Air Bubble Wall Blue - 7 INCHES This product is currently not in stock, but it may be available from our distributor within a few days. Once you place your order, we will notify you promptly about the expected availability. For immediate assistance or more information, please feel free to email us directly at HELLO@NATUREAQUARIUMS.COM.

Penn-Plax Bubble-Wall Air Diffusers for Aquariums produce a spectacular wall of bubbles in any aquarium. These diffusers create a dramatic mist of healthful bubbles along the entire length. Simply connect your air pump (not included) and the Bubble-Wall will evenly distribute fine bubbles through a super-porous, non-clogging wand. The tough polycyl material stands up to continual use. Additional Bubble-Wall diffusers can be joined using the enclosed connector to create almost any length and each can be cut with a razor blade to divide or shorten.

  • SPECTACULAR WALL OF BUBBLES: the diffuser creates a dramatic mist of healthy, aerating bubbles.
  • SUPER POUROUS WAND: connect the wand to your air pump (not included) for an even distribution of bubbles.
  • CONNECTOR INCLUDED: to allow you to create any length of bubble wall by connecting this wall to other Penn Plax bubble walls (sold separately).