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Microsorum Pteropus Java Fern Windelov Large


Common Name: Java Fern Windelov, Microsorum Pteropus

Java Fern Windelov is a popular variation of Java Fern in the planted aquarium community. This aquatic fern is suitable for nearly all aquarium conditions and is highly adaptable, making it a common choice for hobbyists of all skill levels. Java Fern Windelov features vibrant green color and interesting foliage in which the tips of its leaves fork out into several directions for added texture.

Java Fern plants are epiphytic and can be attached directly onto driftwood, rocks, or any aquarium decoration using thread or glue. This listing comes with Java Fern Windelov pre-attached to aquarium-safe driftwood and can placed in the tank right away following any quarantine practices. Propagation is easy and straightforward; simply cut or pull apart rhizomes to be replanted.