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Micro Temperature LCD Controller 1000W - Celsius

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AZOO’s Micro Temperature LCD Controller 1000W - Celsius

- Safe and reliable

- Easy operation

- Maintains temperature between +/- 1 degree Celsius

AZOO’s Micro Temperature LCD Controller 1000W (Celsius) features microcomputer chip sensing, temperature alarm, and automatic power cut-off system. The controller indicates any fault conditions by an audible alarm and various flashing LED icons. IT has excellent accuracy in temperature control maintaining temperature between +/- 1 degree Celsius.

1. Connect the sensor cable and heater on the Micro Temp Controller.
2. Mount the sensor and heater inside the aquarium with suction cups and ensure they are completely under water.
3. Use the hook or double-sided tape to fix the Micro Temp Controller in a suitable position.
4. Plug the Micro Temp Controller into the power outlet.

Temperature Control: 20~34 degrees Celsius
Accuracy: +/- 1 degree Celsius
Power: Maximum load - 1000W, 3 outlets
Accessories: 1 hook, 2 double-sided tape