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Marineland Corner-Flo Rectangular Aquarium Black, Clear, 1ea/90 gal, 48X18X24 in


Marineland Corner-Flo Black Rectangular Aquariums have advanced water flow technology which maximizes circulation and eliminates dead zones within the aquarium. This unit is engineered to maximize water flow to the main filter system by drawing water from the top and bottom levels of the aquarium for flow rates up to 700 GPH, while keeping all components protected and hidden by Corner-Flo walls. Includes: Pre-Drilled Aquarium, factory-installed back-corner walls which are siliconed into the aquarium & complete plumbing kit. (Plumbing Kit includes: bulkhead fittings, drain, return pipes and Dual Loc-Line outlet nozzles) This unit has one overflow. Note: additional fitting may be requir