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by DFW

ELEGANCE CANOPY 60 X 24 12 LIFT WHITE This product is currently not in stock, but it may be available from our distributor within a few days. Once you place your order, we will notify you promptly about the expected availability. For immediate assistance or more information, please feel free to email us directly at HELLO@NATUREAQUARIUMS.COM.

* dimensions are built 1/2" wider and 1/2" deeper to accommodate for aquarium trim. Please add approximately 2" for overall length & width.

The Elegance Canopy was created to offer the modern look to a large variety of tank sizes. The Elegance fits with most contemporary furnishings.

The Elegance canopy is made of Maple: which has a more muted wood grain for a sleeker finish. It comes at a standard height of 8” and a front-lift. The canopy can be upgraded to 12” front-lift.

All Elegance Stands and Canopies are pre-assembled and ready to be installed. No assembly is required! 

Canopy Styles

  • Front-Lift – A Front-Lift canopy is a 2-piece canopy that is connected together with a piano hinge. The front portion of the lid (typically about 6”-8” deep) can be lifted upwards and folded on top of back lid to allow access to the aquarium.

Canopy Styles