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Echinodorus Argentinensis


Echinodorus Argentinensis, commonly referred to as the Argentine Sword, is a classic aquatic plant originating from South America. This species is a true aquatic and works best for larger aquariums given its size. Alternatively, Echinodorus work well for Wabi Kusa and as single specimen displays. Similar to other Echinodorus species, Argentinensis is a hardy plant that adapts to a wide range of parameters making it suitable for beginner hobbyists. It should be noted that aquatic swords are heavy root feeders and require hearty substrates to establish strong root systems for healthy growth as a minimum.

Coloration is a bright green tone and leaves are quite sturdy, making them an all around solid plant choice for many styles of aquarium keeping. Propagation is simple. Separate and replant. 

Common Name Echinodorus Argentinensis
Argentine Sword
Care Easy
Lighting Low to Medium
CO2 Optional
Suggested Placement Background
Separate and Replant
Growth Rate Moderate to Fast
Height 6-12+"