Delta Double Valve Connect 1/2"

by UNS
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These easy-to-install valves feature compression fittings for fast and secure installation. Once installed, it allows refined flow adjustments to be made on canister filters and powerhead pumps. The quick-release allows for convenient disconnection with minimal to no spillage. Engineered and designed from durable and lightweight ABS plastic, this valve connect is resistant to accidental impact, acidic and alkaline water. Available in two common sizes and does not require tools for installation.  


  • Quick & easy installation.
  • Allow for canister filter and/or filter tubing and glassware to be cleaned thoroughly and easily.
  • Constructed from high-quality material for extra durability.
  • Suitable for alkaline or acidic aquarium parameters.
  • Adjustable water flow and speed to and from the canister filter.
  • Suitable for hose size (hose diameter: Inner12mm / Outer 16mm) or ( Inner 15mm / Outer 20mm).