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Bug Out Coral Dip (2ml/ct)


Herbal Parasite Treatment
- Eliminates Most Parasites that Target Coral
- Iodine-Free Formula
- Simple One Dip Application

Fritz Bug Out is an effective all-natural, iodine-free herbal dip treatment for the removal of unwanted parasites on corals. Aids in the removal of Acropora eating flatworms (AEFW), planaria flat worms, Zoanthid eating nudibranchs, Montipora eating nudibranchs, and some pest crabs. Great when introducing new corals to prevent introduction of parasites, while promoting healthy tissue and colors.

Fritz Bug Out is safe for all coral species.

Dosage / Instructions:
Strong Bath Instructions: Shake bottle well. Add 2 mL (40 drops) of Fritz Bug Out per gallon (3.8 L) of water from display in a separate container. Immerse affected corals completely and allow to bathe for 5-15 minutes and agitate or increase water flow. Use a directed stream of water to dislodge any stunned parasites and rinse coral in a separate container of untreated water from aquarium before returning to tank. Do not exceed 15 minutes in bath. Fritz Bug Out will not affect eggs; manually remove any eggs present or retreat after hatching. DO NOT ADD FRITZ BUG OUT DIRECTLY TO THE AQUARIUM. For more sensitive applications, use a half dose concentration.

Size: 50 x 2ml (each treats 1 gal)