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Betta Cuisine - 60 ml or 25 g

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AZOO Betta Cuisine - 60 ml or 25 g

-Meets all nutritional needs of betta fish

-Slow sinking pellet with state-of-the-art attractant

-Made with probiotics to build up good bacteria in intestines

AZOO’s Betta Ciusine is formulated with quality ingredients to meet all the nutritional needs of betta fish. With the state-of-the-art attractant, the slowly sinking pellet is very appealing to bettas.

This food is made with probiotics to build up beneficial bacteria in their intestines. This leads to better digestion and nutrient absorption, promoting fish’s vitality and body color. Betta Cuisine also includes glucan extract from mushroom to boost the fish’s immunity against pathogens.

Crude Protein: 49.5% (Min)
Crude Fat: 5.6% (Min)
Crude Fiber: 8% (Max)
Water: 8% (Max)