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ESHOPPS Tube Holder

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There is no more worrying about submerged dosing tubes when using the new Tube Holder. This item can organize up to 5 dosing tubes and is designed to have a tight fit for the tubes to almost never become lose and ruin your carpet or flooring with chemicals. It is one of the simplest, user-friendly Tube Holders for hobbyist to install. It is easily mounted with a thumb screw wherever you feel fit for your tank. This small item can also be installed into your sump or All in One (AIO).

- Clamps onto ½” thick acrylic or glass
- Holds up to (5) dosing tubes
- High quality aqua blue ¼” solid acrylic construction
- No metal parts

- Item#: 29771
- Dimensions: 2″ x 3″ x 1″
- Tubing Guides: (5) 6mm tubing guides