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Aquarium Co-Op Water Polishing Filter Pad

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  • Instantly improves water clarity by trapping fine debris that passes through coarse filter media
  • Cut-to-size easy to cut for a custom fit inside your filter. Fills excess space in any filter. Fits hang-on back filters (HOBS), canister filters, sumps, and more
  • Bang for your buck say goodbye to expensive cartridges! Large enough to supply multiple cut-outs for future use
  • Better than DIY filter media won’t loosen (causing fibers to separate and float around your tank) due to the pad’s dense, tightly-woven construction. Oil and odor-free

Add This To Your Filter For Crystal Clear Water… Without Shelling Out For Pricey Equipment

The Aquarium Co-Op Water Polishing Filter Pad is a fine filter floss designed to remove the finest particulate from your water column. It clears tank cloudiness for visibly clearer water. Available as a thick woven pad, it easily cuts down to size for a custom fit inside any filter.

Did you know your filter isn’t optimized to function at its best out-of-the-box? 

More importantly, did you know you can easily maximize your filter’s efficiency with a few simple hacks?

Tiny particles of uneaten food and waste can pass through coarse filter media, recirculating through and ultimately remaining in your water column. Not only does this detritus visibly cloud your aquarium’s water, it also breaks down into ammonia, a toxic compound that leads to stress, disease, and sudden death in aquatic life. 

The Aquarium Co-Op Water Clarifying Filter Pad acts as an extra layer of mechanical filtration when combined with larger-pored filter media. It ensures most waste particles are removed, ensuring a cleaner system and visibly clearer water.

Disposable cartridges are expensive and aren’t able to screen out super fine particles. DIY filter media like polyester fiber fill isn’t designed for aquatic use and may be pre-treated with chemicals. They can also loosen in water, causing fibers to separate and float around your tank.

The Aquarium Co-Op Water Clarifying Filter Pad is the cheapest, most effective way to ensure crystal clear water — without shelling out for pricey equipment.