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In the aquarium trade there are 3 types of copePODS that tend to get bottled and sold; Harpacticoid (benthic), Calanoid (pelagic) and Cyclopoid (that can exhibit both benthic and/or pelagic characteristics). CopePODS in general are small, not be confused with amphipods which are bigger, comma shaped PODS.

We do not call CopePODS microscopic because they can be seen with the naked eye, but the nauplii (babies) are. CopePODS play a very important role in the aquatic ecosystem. The bottom line is that they are critical in the cycling of carbon.

CopePODS eat detritus, phytoplankton, dead, decaying matter, each other, and turn these items into important fatty acids. Calanoids tend to eat phytoplankton; harpacticoids tend to eat detritus; Cyclopoids are similar to both, and depending on the species some eat fecal pellets of other copePODS. Regardless, these fatty acids produced by the copePODS enter the food-chain when the copePODS are eaten. This is an oversimplification. The marine food chain relies on the copePOD as an important source for EFA (Essential Fatty Acids ). CopePODS are a key source of nutrition in the aquatic food chain.

Adding copePODS repeatedly to a stocked reef tank is very important. Many tanks are overstocked and no matter how big a refugium is, or how much live rock there is, or how many hiding places there are, it is questionable as to how well copePODS survive because they are being grazed ferociously by corals, fish, other PODS, you name it.

AlgaGenPODS(TM) is the copePOD line we have established to get, live fresh, appropriate copePODS to market. Every bottle is packed to order; we cannot inventory this product and still expect you to get fresh cultures. There is a lot of work that goes into each bottle because we pack each bottle specifically for each individual order. This effort is critical, so that we can get the freshest cultures, to you!

Harpacticoids - AlgaGenPods Tisbe

Tisbe biminensis are a tropical/sub-tropical bottom dwelling copepod. They are a great inoculation for your tank. They eat detritus, phyto, fish food, fish waste and multiply. We don't worry about skimmers, pumps, uv - just add them and stand back. Of course we recommend repeated additions, but really, we are serious. Great for seahorse fry, mandarins, wrasses, invert larvae, great for reef tanks. We offer this one as AlgaGen PODS Tisbe.

  • Use for feeding finicky fish like mandarins, wrasses, anthias, seahorses, etc., corals, sponges, crabs and shrimp.
  • An omnivore that eats phytoplankton
  • Great for the health of your reef
  • Aquacultured, no fish or coral diseases.