A+ Aquarium Salt - 2 lbs.

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A+ Aquarium Salt - 2 lbs.

About Fritz A+ Aquarium Salt

Fritz A+ Aquarium Salt is an all-natural salt that provides the essential electrolytes freshwater fish need for the uptake of oxygen and release of carbon dioxide and ammonia through the gills. Without electrolytes, fish might face serious health problems. Fritz A+ Aquarium Salt should only be added to reduce stress during new aquarium setup and water changes or to promote disease recovery when solving specific fish health issues. It can be also used to treat internal problems such as constipation, fluid retention and mild swim bladder disorders.

Directions & Dosage

To condition water for tropical community and goldfish tanks: Add one tablespoon of Fritz A+ Aquarium Salt per 5 gallons of water. In livebearer tanks, use up to 1 tablespoon per gallon, increasing levels slowly over 3-4 days.

For Treatment of External Parasites: Prepare a 2.5% saline bath in a quarantine tank by adding 1/2 cup (95 g) per 1 gallon of water. Immerse fish for 15-30 minutes, removing at first signs of stress. Replace fish in freshwater.

Cleaning Aquarium and Accessories: Never use soap or disinfectants! To create a powerful, safe cleansing solution, simply dissolve 1/3 cup of Fritz A+ Aquarium Salt in one gallon of warm water. Wipe sides of tank and soak accessories in solution.

NOTE: Fritz A+ Aquarium Salt does not evaporate and is not filtered out, so it should only be added with each water change. Care should be taken when using salt with live plants, as some plants may be sensitive.