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Ultum Nature Systems Glass Aquarium Stands are made with meticulous care and precision to match our classic rimless glass aquariums. The glass stand offers one shelf unit to display products of choice and other external aquarium equipment.  

This listing is for the glass stand ONLY. Wood bases may be purchased separately or in a set.

Details & Overview (L x W x H):

UNS 30C Glass Aquarium Stand:

  • 11.81 x 11.81 x 28.7
  • Fits the 30C Rimless Aquarium

UNS 45U Glass Aquarium Stand:

  • 17.71 x 11.02 x 28.7
  • Fits the 45U Rimless Aquarium

UNS 60U Glass Aquarium Stand:

  • 23.62 x 14.17 x 28.7
  • Fits the 60U Rimless Aquarium

UNS 75P Glass Aquarium Stand:

  • 29.53 x 17.72 x 28.7
  • Fits the 75P Rimless Aquarium

UNS 90L Glass Aquarium Stand:

  • 35.43 x 11.81 x 28.7
  • Fits the 90L Rimless Aquarium

UNS 90P Glass Aquarium Stand:

  • 35.43. x 17.72 x 28.7
  • Fits the 90P Rimless Aquarium

Top shelf is roughly 10" clearance height
Bottom is roughly 19" clearance height