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Aquario Neo CO2 CURVED Special Diffuser

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The Aquario NEO CO2 Extended diffuser dissolves carbon dioxide into a fine mist of bubbles which allows for better dissolution in your water column. Aquario's NEO CO2 Diffuser credits itself as a diffuser that will last longer than most glass diffusers. This is the special extended version that removes the need for tubing inside of the aquarium. The NEO CO2 Diffuser Extended Acrylic edition allows for a cleaner look. Installation is done by applying heat and bending it over your tank rim. *see photos*

This Aquario diffuser is acrylic (not easily breakable) with a ceramic disk specially designed to create the finest bubbles. We've tested this product ourselves by throwing it on the floor and they don't break. 

Size Disk Size Tube Height Tank Size
Small 12mm 15.65 inches 13 gallon or less  
Medium 17mm 15.65 inches Up to 32 gallons
Large 24mm 15.65 inches 32 gallons or larger