micron Sediment Filter

Low stock - 1 available
The 10 X 2  fits the MERO 4 Stage RODI unit and the CloraMEno unit as well as most residential RO system
Fits All Standard 10 Inch Canisters
MERO  Poly-blown Sediment Filters are an industry leading brand. The 1 micron sediment filter (used in all MERO systems) is our first recommendation to remove sediment or silt from your water supply.
The “Micron-Reduction” feature in our filter creates the ability of the sediment filter to capture finer particles as the filter loads with use.  MERO recommends replacing sediment filters when a 5 PSI pressure drop is noticed, or when the GAC or carbon filter is changed (always change your sediment filters when the pressure drops). Changing your sediment filter is a cost effective way to insure longer membrane life.