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Dymax Flexz

$35.95 Regular price

The Dymax Flexz Planted Aquarium LED Light is an ultra-thin aquarium light option. With a 5mm body, Dymax Flexz LED provides a sleek look and little distraction from the viewing experience. This LED light features a smart-touch and clip-on base, allowing the user to turn on/off or change color temperature (all blue, all white and mix). The Dymax Flexz LED Light comes equipped with a flexible gooseneck-style arm for easy height and angle  adjustment. In addition, this LED light also offers a simple swivel allowing for easy aquarium maintenance. Dymax Flexz is a perfect and sleek nano rimless aquarium LED light available now. Suitable for both freshwater and marine planted aquariums.

COLOR: Black

Flexz 3
(L)4.6 x (D)1.9”
3.5 Watts
UNS 16C / 20C / 16T

Flexz 5
(L)6.2 x (D)1.9”
4.5 Watts
UNS 25C / 25S / 3N / 30C

Flexz 7
(L)9.7 x (D)1.9”
7.5 Watts
UNS 5N / 5S