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CRYSTAL Freshwater Tank Kit - 60x24 White

by DFW

131 Gallons

Planet Aquarium has taken aquarium engineering to the next level with the Tideline Crystal trimless, low-iron, crystal-clear glass tanks! The clean lines of the black silicone, smooth polished edges and black back are complemented by the sleek, modern stand made of real maple wood. The stands are fully-built, so no assembly is required! 7 different color/wood-stain options are availble for the stand to match any room decor. 

Reef and Premium Reef aquarium packages include glass multi-chamber refugium sumps; which offer superior filtration and versatility. 

The Tideline Crystal Series offers an excellent foundation for any freshwater, saltwater or reef aquaruim system. 


  • Cabinets are fully assembled and made in the USA!
  • Aquariums & Sumps are made overseas to our specifications.
  • Crystal Low-Iron Front & Side Viewing Panels
  • Rimless design with beveled edges
  • Elegant & modern tabletop-style cabinet
  • Tideline Crystal Glass Refugium Sumps* (*Reef & Premium Reef Kits)
  • Seven different finish/color options available: White, Grey, Black, Medium Oak, Mocha, Traditional Mahogany, Spanish Oak, unfinished (special-order)
  • Pre-Built and Pre-Painted/Stained Stands (no assembly required)
  • Easy-to-set-up aquarium includes essential components
  • Available in Freshwater, Reef & Premium Reef Kits
  • Freshwater kit includes aquarium (clear silicone) and fully-built wood stand