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OceanVue 50 Reef Rimless w/ 10" Tideline OF - Black Frame

$395.95 Regular price $640.88

Rimless Reef With 10" Tideline External Overflow System

A lower price shouldn’t mean a sacrifice in quality. OceanVue Aquariums are made in the USA in the same factory as our elegant Crystaline tank packages and high-end custom aquariums. Glass dimensions and cabinet materials are optimized to offer you the best combination of value and performance.

New 10” Tideline External Overflow Boxes are super slim and blends seamlessly into your aquarium background. The connected external overflow box accommodates two 1” drains* that allow you to either utilize a quiet Bean Animal Overflow Drain or any style drain of your choice. Made of high-quality acrylic, the Tideline Overflow Box is durable and looks great!
*bulkheads & plumbing sold separately.

Aquarium Dimensions
- OceanVue Model 50 Reef Rimless 36½ x 18½ x 19