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Compact Pro CO2 Regulator Dual Stage


ydra Aquatics Compact Pro CO2 Regulator Dual Stage

Hydra Aquatics’ Compact Pro Series Dual Stage regulators are built with superior innovative components for CO2 precision and lifetime CO2 distribution. Built to last a lifetime, these CO2 regulators are designed and tested in the USA. Hydra Aquatics is committed to providing unparalleled CO2 technology. By holding this regulator one will quickly feel its weight and build quality. Do not confuse its sleek compact design and beauty with traditional compact regulators that are on the market. Hydra Aquatics has designed this to be the compact regulator for those who need compact design and a great look without sacrificing pro level quality.

- Dual stage regulator reduces source pressure in two steps to eliminate fluctuation in working pressure, as pressure drops in CO2 cylinder and provides precise adjustment

- Superior grade aluminum regulator body with brass and stainless components

- Cutting edge micro-precision needle valve rotates 360 degrees

- Industrial performance 'cool touch' solenoid valve with water resistant grommet

- Premium bubble counter with check valve to protect internal components

- Multi-stage micron filtration inlet and outlet

- Laser precision metal-on-metal valve seat

- Balanced Poppet preventing end of tank dump with precise setting

- Solenoid Valve with LED indicator included

- Professional quality pneumatic components

- Designed and tested in the USA

Hydra Aquatics provides professional quality CO2 regulators and systems to the aquarium hobbyist and to specialized CO2 applications that require the best CO2 equipment available. Hydra Aquatics regulators are designed with pro-quality pneumatic components to provide extreme reliability and long-term CO2 distribution.

Installation: CGA320, paintball (with Optional adapter) and disposable cartridge
Mount: Side or Top mount
Output Pressure: 0 - 60 PSI
Includes: one nylon inlet seal and tools

Warranty and Returns:
For safety reasons we cannot accept returns on CO2 Regulators.
Hydra Universal Regulators are covered under a 5 year limited warranty.
Hydra Pro Regulators are Covered by a 10 year limited warranty.
Hydra Pro Elite Regulators have a 20 year limited warranty.