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Aquarium Stand - Natural Wood - 50C

Low stock - 1 available

Aquarium stands by Ultum Nature Systems are here! These aquarium stands are reliable, sturdy bases for your existing and future planted tanks. Each stand is crafted from quality materials and built to last while helping to hide unorganized wires, aquarium filters, equipment, and any additional products that are generally kept in aquarium stands. Just like the rimless aquariums, the door handle offers an angled cut for easy opening and the door does not slam preventing aquarium fish and shrimp from getting skittish. 

Available in three different finishes, there is an aquarium stand to fit different style preferences and various tank sizes offered by Ultum Nature Systems. The stand's build is sleek and eye-catching and perfect for anyone with design in mind and the everyday hobbyists looking for reliable stand solutions. 

*Aquarium stands will fit any Ultum Nature Systems tank smaller than the model noted safely and securely!*